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Roctim Plant Simulator

  • I cannot login, what should I do?"
    1. If you cannot login to the simulator pleas try to reset your password by going to 2. If you still cant login please email
  • How do I create a plant?
    1. Enter a name and press + button
  • How do I add a machine/item to my plant?
    1. Open the toolbox 2. Open the category of the machine that you want to add or serch for the item in the search box 3. While hovering the item you would like to add press the left mouse button and drag the item onto the drawing area and release, you can adjust the position afterwards pressing the left mouse button and drag the item to its desired position. 4. Save the plant
  • How do I delete a machine/item?
    1. Hover the machine/item 2. Press the delet button (trash can) 3. Confirm 4. Save plant
  • How do I connect machines/items?
    1. Press the output dot (grey) and hold down the left mouse button 2. Drag the mouse pointer (while holding down the left mouse button) to the desired input of the other machine/item and realse the left mouse button 3. Save the plant
  • How do I remove connections betweent machines/items?
    1. Press and hold the left mouse button on the entry point of the connection 2. Drag the mouse anywere on the drawing area and release the buttons 3. Save plant
  • Can I customize what values to show on the flowchart after a simulation?
    1. Hover over the box where the values appear 2. Click the cog wheel 3. Uncheck all values that you do not want to see and make sure that the ones that you want to see are checked 4. Click the cross and save the plant This works for both stream labels and machine labels.
  • Can I add a custom particel size distrubution?
    Yes. 1. Open a source item 2. Click select PSD 3. Click "+" button 4. Enter name and sivesize and percentage passing in the input filed. Separate sivesizes and percentage passing with "," 5. Press the ok button 6. An calculated PSD will show click ok button to store the PSD 7. Select the one you just created 8. Press update to apply the selected PSD
  • Can I invite other people to my plant?
    Yes you can! 1. Press the sharing settings button 2. Inster the email address to the person that you would like to share you plant with 3. Select permission (wrench = write access, eye = read access), you can change this later if you want 4. Press + button to add the person toy you plant (you can remove a person later)
  • Can I generate a PDF report?
    Yes! 1. Run a simulation 2. Press the generate report button 3. A PDF file will be created and downloaded (depending on your browser)
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