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Crusher Management 


Equipment efficiency

Principles of







We have the experience and competence to increase the output and efficiency of your crushing plant.

Challenges - Equipment efficiency

Some myths about Equipment efficiency in comminution processes:

  • It is always good to have high throughput (tonnage/h)

  • It is difficult to improve equipment efficiency

  • It can only be improved by mechanical changes

Mining plant
Principles of comminution

Within the mining and aggregate industry comminution is the core of the business. Therefore, crushers and/or mills play an important role for the business to become and stay successful.


In many cases plants experience problems with low availability, the performance not as good as expected or sometimes the correct quality product is not produced. A typical example of a low availability for a crusher is that the dump truck is not allowed to dump into the crusher, which puts the whole production on halt. When it comes to quality, an illustrative example is that that the product size is too large, which cause problems to occur further downstream in the process where stone gets stuck at unwanted locations, or for the aggregate industry that the product does not fulfill quality analysis measures.


The cost of not tracking quality can be expensive. Producing too large products with the risk of cutting a belt might cause stops in the plant for several hours to high costs. If, for example, the availability of a plant will increase by 5% will, for a plant that produces 400 000 tons per year, mean 20 000 tons extra per year that can be produced. Why this example is intruiging? It is interesting for two main points. First, this example is common. Second, when one starts to investigate and tracki the equipment efficiency, availability increases of 5% of higher are common results.

Solutions for Equipment Efficiency

Roctim offers several solutions and management systems that increases equipment efficiency.


Site visits

Roctim has long experience in visiting mining and aggregate sites. A site visit often includes:

  • Direct feedback of our findings at site

  • Guidance on ways forwards to solve or minimize identified problems

  • A written report with our recommendations and findings

  • Potentially, depending on if/what problems are identified - Collect measurements, perform 3D scanning’s etc. to start work of eliminating potential problems



Roctim have installed several monitoring system. The system are custom made and can measure information to provide feedback of the equipment efficiency. This is especially important to track how changes in the plant affect the equipment efficiency.

Deep equipment analysis

At times, to understand and improve an equipment’s efficiency a deep analysis of the equipment is required. This is often carried out by including Site Visits and Monitoring, complemented by simulations. A full report over the current status and suggestions of improvements supported by the analysis of data.

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