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We want you to do what you do best – Produce high quality products

Due to the modular design, commissioning of the CCU is fast and effective. Our application engineers perform fast installation, basic setting of crusher parameters according to the crusher specification.

To ensure your crusher to be performing the moment it starts producing, we perform test runs with material and operator training as part of the commissioning.

CCU Cloud

Access all crusher data in the cloud – in real time.

Using Roctim’s Connect unit and CCU Cloud you are given access to all CCU Crusher data in the cloud, in real time on the web. Thus, you can observe how your crusher is performing without having to be present at site.

  • Store all crusher data in the cloud

  • Works on all web browsers

  • Works on Smartphone, tablet and computer

  • No extra program to be installed

  • Powerful analyse tools

  • Export data to CSV, XML, PDF & JPEG

Remote Service and Support

Reduce down-time and secure production with Remote Service and Support

Many times when a problem occurs that stop the process, it is not the factual time that fixing the problem when actively working that is the problem. Often, scheduling the service appointment and the physical time of transportation to site is longer. By using Roctim’s Service and Support, a remote connection is set-up to Roctim’s headquarter and our support engineers can access your CCU remotely at any time. A time and cost-efficient way to fix potential problems and minimize downtime.

Using CCU Connect with our Service and Support, it is easy to provide software updates, or to upgrade between CCU Protect, CCU Product and CCU Perform if your crushing needs change.

Remote service
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