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Crusher Types

The Crusher Control Unit is designed for the following crushers:

Cone crushers with hydraulic adjustment systems

Cone crushers with hydraulic adjustment systems

Gyratory crushers with hydraulic adjustment systems

Gyratory crushers with hydraulic adjustment systems

Cone crushers with thread adjustment systems

Cone crushers with thread adjustment systems

You can change this configuration later if you want to move the Crusher Control Unit to another crusher.

Base unit

Crusher Control Base Unit
  • Stainless steel cabinet - (IP65)

  • Reliable and fast PLC

  • Easy and quick to install

  • Dust, shock and weatherproof

  • CE marked

Select functionality

Protects your crusher from fatigue and over-load. Exstends crusher life span.


  • Overload protection

  • CSS control

  • Load control

  • Wear compensation

  • Alarms and alarm history

  • Modes and operational mode history

  • Crushing parameter graphs

  • Remote control via Wifi

Increas the performance of the crusher with advanced features.


All features of CCU Protect plus:

  • Integrated feeder control

  • Crushing programs

  • Level control

  • Auto calibration

  • Tonnage diagram

  • Calibration history

  • Mantle change history

Real time crusher algoritm for close side setting optimization.


All features of CCU Produce plus:

  • Real time end product optimization

  • Maximize production of end product

Select control unit

Crusher control unit integrates with your HMI/Scada system
Crusher control panel
Wireless control of your crusher.

FiC - is always included:

  • Web interface

  • Connected to control system

  • Scalable user’s interface

The base unit can be equipped with a PaC:

  • Robust industrial panel

  • 10,1” TFT 1024x600 pixels

  • Mounted in stainless steel casing

  • Easy to install

  • High resistance to shock and vibration

  • Passively cooled – no moving parts

Use TaC for wireless control: 

  • 8”, 32GB, 1200X800 pixels

  • Designed for crushing conditions

  • Water, shock and dustproof (IP67)

  • Windows 10 Pro with USB

Select services

Simple and easy configuration of crusher control unit.
Connect your crusher to the could for remote monitoring of performance.
Remote service and support of your crusher control unit.


  • Initial configuration of CCU parameters

  • Function control

  • Test run with material

  • Review of installation manual with operator


  • Web application

  • Powerful analyzing tools

  • Monitor the CCU in real time - with any smartphone, tablet or PC

  • Crusher data logging

  • 3G-subscription

  • Possibility to receive remote service

Remote Service and Support

  • Phone support free of charge

  • Access to remote service

  • 3G-subscription

  • Annual Roctim analysis status report for your CCU

  • Program updates

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