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Roctim Crusher Cloud Solution

 -in real time in the cloud

Not physically present at site? Roctim’s cloud service gives you access to all crusher data on the web – in real time.

Roctim Crusher Control Unit

- of your most profitable product

Choose the end product you want to maximize and Roctim’s real-time based crushing algorithm will maximize the sorting strived for.  

Crusher Control Unit

​Do you need to protect and optimize your crusher simultaneously? Our wide range of Crusher Control Units (CCU) are modular, economical, wireless and cloud compatible.

Crusher Management System

We at Roctim possesses extensive experience within the mining and aggregate industry. Combined with our close connection to the latest world leading research our Crusher Management Systems will enable you to solve your problems, improve the production process and achieve your goals.

Advanced Engineering and Simulations

Do you have the need to simulate changes in your crushing process? We offer a broad range of engineering methods and tools and provide advanced simulation expertise. 

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Roctim is a privately owned Swedish company founded in 2007. Since the start Roctim has increased the product portfolio by developing a wide range of unique and cost-efficient products and services for crushing plants.

The main parts of Roctim’s operations are in Scandinavia, but we also run projects in Europe, Africa, South America and Australia.