Roctim Cloud

Connected machines saves crusher data to the cloud. Powerful analysis in real time online.

Roctim Cloud is a powerful tool that gives you access to crusher data online and in real time. You can monitor the machines’ performance without being physically present. Through the web application, the connected machines on site are monitored, and historical data can be analysed and exported.

Roctim Cloud

We created Roctim cloud with user-friendliness in mind. The standard configuration can easily be configured to suit your specific needs. You get:

  • Information in real time about the machines and the process

  • Historical trends such as effect, pressure, tonnage and more

  • Evaluation of data and KPIs presented in a report

  • Data can be exported as csv, xml, pdf and more

  • Continuous download and storing of data from the site.


Accumulated mass

Mass flow

Belt speed

Roctim Connect

Roctim Connect is a robust communication unit with integrated wifi, 3G-modem and antenna. Ethernet cables enable long distance between the Connect unit and the network. Hence the unit can be placed where coverage is strongest. Roctims Connect is thus very suitable for communication between the site and the cloud service.

Technical details:

Downloading frequency: 1/5 Hz

Resolution data: 1/5 Hz

Depth: High resolution data is saved at least two months

Long term data: After two months the data is recalculated to averaged minute values and saved for at least one year

Roctim CCU

Roctim cloud works well with our CCU (Crusher Control Unit), which offer protection against overload and other advanced functions to maximize the production.