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CCU Aux – For the modern crushing site

Roctim’s Crusher Control Unit Aux takes the automation of crushing sites to a new level. It does not only automate the crusher’s lubrication and hydraulic system, but also increases the safety of the crusher through protecting it in case of operating errors.


CCU Aux has been developed with the crusher’s safety and protection in mind and offers an advanced protection system that prevents the crusher from being damaged in case the lubrication or hydraulic system fails.


The result is an increased safety with more time to focus on the daily work and less time spent on supervising the crushing process.

Automates the crusher’s lubrication and hydraulic system

CCU Aux – the perfect addition to CCU Base

  • CCU Aux is easily connected to the CCU Base (automatic CSS adjustment).


  • Automatic regulation of the crusher’s lubrication system (heating of oil, cooling etc). Giving the operator increased flexibility since continuous supervision of the crusher is no longer required.

  • Automatic shutdown of the crusher if the lubrication system should fail, which prevents serious mechanical damage.


  • Through various screen options the operator has the possibility to see how the crusher is running. One option is an integrated panel (Panel Control - PaC) or a handheld tablet (Tablet Control- TaC).


  • You will be notified of any warnings or alarms.

Crusher control base unit

You can download the CCU Aux catalogue by clicking the link.

What can be regulated with CCU Aux?
  • Crusher engine (contactor response, engine protection and possibility to soft-start)

  • Automatic regulation of supporting machinery:

- cooling fan

- heater

- hydraulic pump

- lubrication pump

  • Vents for increasing and decreasing of CSS (Raptor/HP)

Aggregate plant Roctim
User friendly interface of crusher control unit
CCU Aux – Product specification
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