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Advanced Process Engineering

Advanced Process Engineering

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Advanced Engineering
Advanced engineering tool

Throughout numerous customer projects and close collaboration with leading research, we have acquired great competence in developing new solutions to process and material handling problems.


We perform simulations to guarantee that your process produces as sought, and to investigate possible rebuilds, or take measures that ensures that your process is as efficient as possible.

Our product development strategy builds on taking on a project to deliver a one package solution. Based on site visits, data gathering and customer needs:


We use different engineering methods and tools such as 3D Laser Scanning, CAD, Discrete Element Simulations, Labview, Matlab and Simulink.

How simulations are used to predict behaviors of different solutions

The Discrete Elements Method (DEM):

  • Numerical simulation method for particle flow

  • Allows testing of complex problems, geometries, different materials and properties

  • Multi concept evaluation at a very low cost

  • A very realistic evaluation method without having to prototype any parts


No commercially developed solution available?


Contact us and we can demonstrate how simulations can be used to evaluate different solution concurrently. Shortens the product development lead time and deliver a reliable result.

Advanced Engineering tool
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